What is Polaris?

Polaris is a decentralized platform on BSC and Polygon where anyone can easily create custom liquidity farms or staking pools known as "Supernovas".

The pools are completely permission-less, meaning anyone can create them (just like how anyone can create a token pair on PancakeSwap or Uniswap).

These Supernova pools are easily customizable to properly incentivize long-term liquidity provision, making Polaris an ideal solution for projects to jumpstart their token distribution program without needing to develop their own staking pools.

POLAR Utility

Another unique feature of these Supernova pools is the staking rewards are "competitive". This means users can spend POLAR when unstaking in order to gain multipliers on their harvests. Half of the spent POLAR is burned and the other half is transferred to the pool owner.

Not only does this give POLAR practical utility, it burns the supply over time, creation deflationary pressure.

Further POLAR Value Accrual

Polaris has a unique "revenue" model in order to continually grow the value of POLAR. These revenues are sent to treasury and will be used to cover Project costs. If any owned by treasury are unused they will be used to build Polar liquidity pools.

When Supernova creators fund their pools, 2% of their reward tokens are sent to the Polaris treasury.

When stakers harvest their rewards, 4% of the rewards are sent to the Polaris treasury

When stakers pay Polar to multiply their rewards, 50% of these Polars are sent to the Supernova owner. The remaining 50% are burned.

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