POLAR Reward Distribution Schedule

Polaris V3 will launch with 3 native Supernovas that will run for up to 2 years and distribute 50% of the total POLAR supply to the community.

The pools were designed with the long-term in mind, with the majority of POLAR being distributed to stakers in the long-term POLAR/BUSD pool which runs for 2 years.

1. Stake POLARv3/BUSD Earn POLARv3

16,100,600 POLARv3 rewards over 2 years (5x bonus over 90 days of continuous staking)

2. Stake POLARv3/BNB Earn POLARv3

12,880,480 POLARv3 rewards over 1 years (3x bonus over 45 days of continuous staking)

3. Stake POLARv3 Earn POLARv3

3,220,120 POLARv3 rewards over 90 days (2x bonus over 14 days of continuous staking)