POLAR Multipliers

One of POLAR's core features is the ability for it to be used as reward multipliers during user unstaking and harvesting. This adds a layer of competition and gamification to yield farming and can encourages users to develop their own strategies to increase their rewards.

When unstaking from a pool, you'll see a second field where you can enter how much POLAR to spend. This is totally optional but will may significantly increase your rewards relative to the POLAR cost.

When you spend POLAR, you'll receive a multiplier on your share seconds (not actual harvest). Effectively, the harvest you receive will depend on how much POLAR you spend and how much others have staked in the pool as well. The POLAR you use will be locked inside the Supernova contract once you apply them.

The exact multiple is determined algorithmically based on the average amount of POLAR others are applying during unstaking (see technical details below).

Under the "Unstake" button, you'll see an estimated calculator that shows how many extra tokens (and profit) you can expect to receive and decide whether it makes sense to use POLAR.

Once you've successfully unstaked, you'll receive your deposited tokens and reward tokens. Any POLAR you spent will be locked in the Supernova contract, half of which will be burned when the pool creator withdraws.

Multipliers: Technical Details

D(total) = total reward tokens distributed

D(polar) = total reward tokens distributed boosted by POLAR

X = number of POLAR supplied to an unstake operation

Let R represent the proportion of total distributed reward tokens which had POLAR applied.

R = D(polar) / D(total)

B(polar)(X) = 1 + log10 ((0.01 + X) / (0.01 + R))

The value of B(polar) is used in the unstaking process to determine the multiple of share seconds you'll receive based on how much POLAR you spend.

POLAR Multiplier Estimations

  • 1 POLAR = 3x at 0 usage (you are the only person to unstake with POLAR

  • 1 POLAR = 2x at 0.1 usage (10% of people unstake with POLAR)

  • 10 POLAR = 2x at 1 usage (100 % of people unstake with POLAR)

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