Supernova Emission Mechanism

The moment you stake in a Supernova pool, you start accruing “share seconds”.

Share seconds represent your ownership of the unlocked rewards. It’s simply determined by the formula:

Share Seconds = Amount Staked x Length of Time Staked

This means if user A stakes 100 tokens for 5 days, he will accrue the same amount of share seconds as user B who staked 50 tokens for 10 days. This allows smaller users to compete with bigger ones by staking their tokens for longer.

When you unstake, the Supernova will calculate your share of the share seconds in relation to the total share seconds all users have accrued. Then, you’ll receive this portion of unlocked rewards, assuming no multipliers have been applied.

For instance, if you have 50 share seconds and globally, the Supernova geyser has 500 share seconds, and the Supernova has 1,000 unlocked tokens, you’ll get 10% or 100 tokens when you harvest.

Time Bonus Multipliers

Time bonus multipliers is an optional feature used to incentivize long-term liquidity provision. It can be optionally set up during pool creation. Time bonus multipliers apply by default to everyone who stakes in a Supernova.

The idea is simple: the longer you keep your tokens staked, the higher multiplier you earn.

For instance, let’s say a new pool is set up with a 3x time multiplier over 30 days. On day 1, let's say you’ll earn 25 rewards per day. Assuming you leave your tokens staked and the pool composition remains the same, your daily rewards increase linearly until you reach 75 rewards per day on day 30.

If you stake some tokens on day 1 and some on day 5, they’ll each have their own multiplier. If you unstake a portion of your tokens, tokens with the lowest multipliers will automatically be unstaked first.

If you unstake everything, your time bonus will reset to 1x once you restake.

Staking Emissions: A Technical Deep Dive

The exact formula for determining your rewards during unstaking is as follows:

  • S(user) = user share seconds

  • S(total) = total share seconds of all users

  • B(time) = time bonus

  • B(polar) = POLAR bonus

  • U: total unlocked rewards defined by the funding schedule

Reward = U * (B(time)*B(polar)*S(user))/(S(total)-S(user)+B(time)*B(polar)*S(user))

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