Polaris History

Polaris launched on March 11 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain.

Polar has gone through several iterations and upgrades to get to where we are today:

  • POLARv1 was the original launch token which had heavy inflation and had to be migrated due to a developer error which burned ownership of the owner keys (meaning inflation could not be reduced). The original platform and contracts were a soft Goose fork with PCS front end as an easy UI for initial token distribution.

  • POLARv2 was shortly launched afterwards but had to be migrated again due to the PancakeSwap v2 migration. At the same time, the team took this opportunity to update the tokenomics to a fixed supply capped at 50,000,000. In v2 the "Supernova" contracts were introduced with great success. Partners start launching their pools on the platform, but their pools had to be integrated manually into the UI.

  • POLARv3 is the third and final iteration of the Polaris native token and app. It allows for simple decentralized pool creation on the platform with no manual integration required.

  • POLAR was launched on 5th August 2021 on the Polygon blockchain network.

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