Development Roadmap

Re-Branded UI (DONE)

V3 POLAR will bring with it a new-look Polaris UI, with a focus on accommodating the rapidly increasing number of partner supernovas launching. An early mock-up of our proposed redesign is shown below and we will be aiming to finalise and push this live as soon as possible after migration.

Decentralized Supernovas (DONE)

On a related note, we have begun development on new UI capabilities that would allow any BSC project to launch their own partner Supernovas in a fully decentralized manner (e.g. without the input of the Polaris team to integrate with the Polaris UI).

There will be a 4% performance fee charged on rewards claimed from all Supernovas hosted on our platform, half of which goes to buying and burning POLAR for further value accrual to the token.

Featured Supernovas (IN PROGRESS)

Our current proposal is that, whilst any project should be able to set up their own supernova, we will only feature those that are audited and have paid a modest fee for the publicity.

As such, we will be launching a new β€œFeatured Supernovas” page that is distinct from the general, decentralised Supernovas that anyone can set up without the Polaris team endorsing the project.

A percentage of the fee paid to become featured will be used to buy and burn POLAR. If the fee is paid in the native token, it will be airdropped to NFT holders.

In addition, we have two upcoming roadmap items that we will be working to build out as part of the V3 migration framework.

Deploy on Polygon

With DeFi moving to an multi-chained ecosystem, our next plan of action is to deploy on Polygon (Matic). This allows us to be the first "yield farming as a service" app to launch on Polygon, and capture its growing user base and liquidity.

The tokenomics will be similar with more tokens reserved for community liquidity mining. Existing token holders will receive an airdrop for POLAR Polygon.

Perpetual Airdrops for NFT Holders

In addition to having utility for POLAR as a reward multiplier during reward harvesting, POLAR also accrues value by allowing token holders to mint NFTs which gives the holder access to perpetual and automatic airdrops.

There is a 4% fee which is split between the development team (2%) and Polaris treasury (2%).

The tokens in the treasury will then be airdropped to POLAR NFT holders on a bi-weekly basis. This allows NFT holders to receive a "passive income" stream in the form of tokens that launch pools on the Polaris platform.

Minting NFTs

NFTs are minted with POLAR, which are locked up in a contract. Then, on a bi-weekly basis, reward tokens in the Polaris treasury will be airdropped to all NFT holders. Initially, this airdrop will be a manual process and will later be automated via custom smart contracts.

NFTs can be burned and the holder will receive 90% of the POLAR back. The 10% burn creates more deflationary pressure on the token supply.

The exact tokenomics of NFTs will be shared down the line once they are confirmed.