Supernova FAQ

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the POLAR staking mechanics are competitive! To maximize rewards, it is important to be conscious of bonus multipliers, funding schedules, and other user activity. We recommend reading through the FAQ understanding the staking mechanisms before participating.

What is a Supernova Geyser?

Supernova Geysers are yield-farming pools with bonus multiplier mechanics to reward users for long-term commitments (time bonus) and project support (POLAR bonus). This means you can earn multiplies on your rewards based on time staked and POLAR spent during harvests.

Supernovas pools are funded upfront and rewards unlock over a set time period. They are competitive, meaning as you increase your share of the reward pool, the claimable amount for other users will decrease. Thus, it’s important to be aware of other user activity, funding schedules and bonus configuration to maximize your rewards.

When a Supernova contract is funded, the creator sets the total reward amount, time bonus, and staking duration.

  • Total reward amount: total amount of rewards to be farmed

  • Staking duration: the total amount of time for rewards to unlock

  • Time bonus (optional): a linearly increasing unlock rate based on time staked

The moment you stake in a Supernova Geyser, you start accruing “share seconds”. Share seconds represent your ownership of the unlocked rewards. It’s simply determined by the formula:

Share Seconds = Amount Staked x Length of Time Staked

This means if user A stakes 100 tokens for 5 days, he will accrue the same amount of share seconds as user B who staked 50 tokens for 10 days. This allows smaller wallets to compete with bigger ones by staking their tokens for longer.

When you unstake, the Supernova will calculate your share of the share seconds in relation to the total share seconds all users have accrued. Then, you’ll receive this portion of unlocked rewards, assuming no multipliers have been applied.

For instance, if you have 50 share seconds and globally, the Supernova geyser has 500 share seconds, and the Supernova has 1,000 unlocked tokens, you’ll get 10% or 100 tokens when you harvest.

What are the benefits of Supernova pools versus traditional yield farming pools?

Supernovas are funded with a set amount of reward tokens. Unlike most farmable tokens that are minted out of thin air, the supply of rewards are fixed so there is no additional inflation.

For example, the first Supernova was funded with over $130,000 of wBNB and was farmed with POLAR-BNB over a set time period.

Supernova Geysers can also be configured to have time-based bonuses and POLAR-harvest bonuses. This incentivizes long-term liquidity provision and project support, which are attractive for both launchpad partners and experienced yield farmers.

How do time bonus multipliers work?

Time bonus multipliers is an optional feature used to incentivize long-term liquidity provision. Time bonus multipliers apply by default to everyone who stakes in a Supernova.

The idea is simple: the longer you keep your tokens staked, the better multiplier you earn.

For instance, let’s say a new pool is set up with a 3x time multiplier over 30 days. On day 1, say you’ll earn 25 rewards per day. Assuming you leave your tokens staked and the pool composition remains the same, your daily rewards increase linearly until you reach 75 rewards per day on day 30.

If you stake some tokens on day 1 and some on day 5, they’ll each have their own multiplier. If you unstake a portion of your tokens, tokens with the lowest multipliers will automatically be unstaked first. So its last stake in, first stake out.

If you unstake everything, your time bonus will reset once you restake.

How do POLAR multiplier bonuses work?

When you unstake, you can optionally apply POLAR to multiply your share seconds at the moment you unstake.

It’s important to keep in mind the multiplier applies to your share seconds and not your actual rewards. This means a 2x multiplier doesn’t necessarily mean 2x the rewards. Your actual rewards received may be closer to 1.8x or 1.9x based on the pool composition.

How are the POLAR harvest multipliers determined?

There is no set POLAR multiplier rate since the POLAR price will be dynamic and need to be universal to all Supernovas. Thus, multiplier amounts need to make sense in environments where token rewards are worth $0.01 or $1,000.

To ensure this, the amount is determined by how many people apply POLAR during unstaking. When more people use POLAR during harvests, the multiplier is reduced. When fewer people use POLAR during harvests, the multiplier increases to incentivize more of its use.

The amount of POLAR needed to achieve additional multiples increases logarithmically. Meaning it will cost 10 times as many POLAR to achieve a 3x versus a 2x.

Do time-bonuses reset when Supernovas are additionally funded?

No, as long as you keep your tokens staked, you'll maintain your time-bonus multiplier across multiple fundings.

Why did my rewards go down?

If your claimable rewards (pending harvest) went down, it’s because another user unstaked with a large bonus multiplier and reduced the remaining unlocked rewards in the pool.

However, if this happens, you are left with a higher proportion of the global share seconds, so you’ll see your claimable rewards increase at a faster rate.

What happens to my tokens after a Supernova expires?

Your staked tokens are still safe and able to be unstaked at anytime. You'll also be able to claim your share of accumulated rewards even after a Supernova expires.

What are some additional use cases for Supernova pools?

In addition to distributing tokens in an open, fair and mutually beneficial manner, Supernova Geyers can be creatively utilized in the following ways:

  • Fundraising

  • Lending incentives

  • Marketing promotion

  • Stablecoin incentives

  • NFT farming

  • Treasury vesting

There are many strategies to consider and there is no “optimal” strategy. The first step is to understand how the reward unlock logic works, as well as being aware of who else is in the pool and what they are doing.

Where does my spent POLAR go?

Half of the POLAR spent during harvest is burned, creating a deflationary effect on the total supply. The other half is sent to the Supernova creator, which will either be launchpad partner teams or the Polaris team. The Polaris team will burn all POLAR they receive.

The rough distribution will look like this:

  • 50% POLAR burned

  • 50% POLAR sent to supernova Project owner

Are Supernova contracts audited?

Due to lengthy process of contract audits, the Supernovas with launch with unaudited contracts since they are forks of AMPL and GYSR staking contracts which have been audited. The main difference between GYSR and POLAR Supernovas is the 50% burn when withdrawing used POLAR.

Rest assured, everything has been thoroughly tested and our development team is confident in the product. As we continue adding more unique features to the Supernovas (see Roadmap), we will seek out professional audits to ensure security and safety for all participants.

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